About the Program

Mission Statement

Musica nelle Marche LLC is a personalized music-language program where you will know faculty, staff and singers. You won’t get lost in a program of 50 or 80. We are looking for a maximum of 16-20 serious singers interested in Italian language and opera as well as an Italian cultural experience in the medieval city of Urbino and other locations.

musica nelle marche…

has four components: Italian language study, vocal and dramatic coaching, performances and organized excursions/cultural events.

Language: Students will have18-20 hours per week of Italian language classes held in Monday through Friday mornings under the auspices of Lingua Ideale. Students who successfully complete this month-long intensive language course can receive college credit through the University of Urbino. It will be the student’s responsibility to arrange credit with his or her university. Each university has its own process for transfer credit and you may be required to pay the university for transfer credit. Any additional payment will be the responsibility of the student and is not included in your payment to Musica nelle Marche LLC. If you want to pursue transfer credit for your Italian classes, please check with your university’s international office before leaving for Italy.

Vocal and Dramatic Coaching: In the afternoons, students will work musically and dramatically on Italian opera arias, duets, opera scenes and song repertoire. Students will receive at least three lessons each week including voice lessons, coaching sessions and scene rehearsals. Each week’s schedule will be slightly different depending on our concert repertoire. 

Auditions/Scholarships: Auditions will be held in Chicago at DePaul University on November 10, 2023 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. in the Allen Recital Hall. St. Olaf student auditions TBA.

DePaul School of Music Vittorio Angeli Scholarships will be awarded based on audition results. Musica nelle Marche LLC does not have the financial resources to award scholarships. Please fill out an application on our website: musicanellemarche.com/application/

If you are not auditioning in person, please download two Italian songs using the website.

Program Details

Tuition: $5,100

(College credit up to a value of $2,888 or more)

Considering all that is included, this is one of the lowest priced one-month programs for music language study in Italy.  Included in the price:

  • Italian classes and textbooks
  • Private voice lessons and coaching 
  • Opera scene direction
  • Concerts
  • Excursions
  • Housing at the double room rate in a hotel in the city center.

Payment Dates: Students accepted into the program need to make a non-refundable deposit of $1000 by February 3rd. Scholarship awards do not count as a deposit. The final payment is due by April 3rd

Financial Services: Urbino has several banks with ATM machines. The Italians prefer Visa or MasterCard and often do not accept American Express. You are better off taking money out of ATMs than bringing cash because the exchange rates are better on the ATMs than at your local bank. Be sure to notify your credit or debit card company of your travel dates. If you have the ability to use the ATM, I would not bring more than 100 euros for incidental travel expenses. 


Participants should plan to arrive on Saturday, June 15 Do not forget that you will arrive a calendar day later than your departure date and depart Urbino on Saturday, July 13. Please arrange an afternoon flight out of Bologna. An afternoon flight allows you to leave Urbino early Saturday morning. If you schedule an early morning flight out of Bologna, you will have to leave the night before and stay overnight in Bologna. You may want to have a more leisurely time and spend Saturday in Bologna and fly out on Sunday.


  • 20 hours of Italian language instruction a week, with possible college credit (a value up to $2,600 or more depending on tuition at your university)
  • Over the course of the one month program, students will receive at least three musical lessons per week that include voice lessons, coaching and opera scene work. Weekly lessons will vary depending on our concert schedule.


We are currently scheduled to perform concerts in the cities of Fermignano, Gradara, Piagge and Urbino. Each concert has a slightly different program, and some include solos in a choral piece, arias, duets and scenes. All participants will have opportunities to perform at these concerts.


If you are accepted to the program and agree to come, you are expected to have your choral music, scenes and arias memorized and ready to perform in the first week. We schedule lessons day to day depending on faculty input evaluating your needs. You will know your schedule the night before your morning Italian class.


The price includes a shared double room in a hotel in the city center and free Wi-Fi. Single rooms are only available if the hotel has extra space and there would be a supplemental charge of $225. By pricing the program in U.S. dollars, Musica nelle Marche LLC assumes the exchange rate risk if the dollar falls against the euro.


Airfare is not included and is the responsibility of each participant.

**Designated airport: Bologna: You will be met at the airport and taken to the Bologna central station where you will take a train to Pesaro. A staff member will meet you in Pesaro and put you on the bus to Urbino where you will be met at the bus station and taken to your hotel.

Travel recommendations: We would not recommend Rome and Milan airports because they are far away from Urbino and will add 5 to 6 hours to your travel. While you may save $100 or more on a flight to Rome or Milan, you will spend that savings in train, taxi, bus fares and travel fatigue. If you fly to an airport other than Bologna, it will be your responsibility to get to Pesaro where we will meet you up. When booking your airline ticket, consider all the costs including the train, taxis, buses and even an overnight hotel stay if you arrive early or leave late. Train schedules and costs can be found on www.trenitalia.com

Recommended on-line travel sites are Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity. Look at more than one since prices will vary depending upon deals these travel sites have with the airlines. There are some low-cost airlines in Europe, but they often charge for your bags and fly to non-major airports. Some students have found that they can find a cheap flight from New York to Italy and can use miles or low-cost airlines to get to New York, so check all possibilities. Make sure you have enough time in transfer airports to connect to your next flight. I would recommend 2 hours, which gives you leeway in case your flight arrives late and passport lines are long.  

Baggage: Airlines charge for baggage and the fee for overweight or excess baggage can be steep. In previous years we have had students paying up to 100 Euros for overweight bags. You will have laundry facilities available to you and so please plan appropriately and bring no more than one large suitcase and the two allowed carry-on bags. Remember whatever you bring you will have to carry up and down stairs at train stations. 

Excursions/Cultural Events included in the program fee:

  • Sunday June 16 Picnic at Linda and Geoff’s Country Home
  • Saturday-Sunday June 22-23, Verona Opera;  Puccini’s Turandot
  • Friday June 28 – Winery Tour and dinner at the beach
  • Monday July 8 – Pasta Making Class

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have or for more information. Look at the FAQs (frequently asked questions) on our website.

e-mail: info@musicanellemarche.com


Auditions 2024 Season

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