A personalized music-language program where you will know everyone – faculty, staff and singers.

You won’t get lost in a program of 50 or 80. Here at Musica nelle Marche LLC, we are looking for
a maximum of 16 serious singers interested in an Italian language and cultural experience.

Our Next Session: June 15th to July 13th, 2024

I have grown more on this trip both musically and in Italian language proficiency than I could have imagined. Lingua Ideale has a staff of very friendly and skilled Italian language teachers that really make learning the language fun. I highly recommend that any singer hoping to learn about Italian music and culture attend this program!

I can’t quite put into words the experience that I’ve had here in Italy. For lack of a better word, it was magical…absolutely magical. The challenges were immense, both musically and linguistically, but they pushed me to rise to and above the bar set to which I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for fulfilling this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It has created memories, friends and tools that I won’t soon forget.

It’s an experience that I will never forget! The students and faculty are incredibly talented and most importantly, they’re genuine. Everyone cares so much about each other and the best learning experience is at a place where everyone wants you to succeed. I’ve learned so much and it has changed how I perform and the way I look at my music. This program is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to sing. You don’t need to be a performance major either, and that’s molto fantastico! An amazing experience entirely.

This has been one of the most meaningful musical experiences I’ve ever had. The amount of knowledge and support I’ve received from the faculty has blown me away and everyone here has grown so much. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to experience opera in Italy!

Musica nelle Marche is a wonderfully intimate program that has the perfect balance of language and voice study with a cultural immersion component.

Never have I worked with such a caring and supportive faculty. I have not only grown as a musician but also as a human being.

The connections I have made will stick with me forever. This program has taught me so much and I am definitely leaving a better singer and performer.

Musica nelle Marche is a unique program that will change you both as a singer and person. In four weeks, I have completely transformed as a performer by working with an absolutely incredible faculty – Marc Embree and Jane Bunnell from Michigan State University and 4 brilliant coaches. I am forever grateful for my musical training, Italian immersion, and friends from this month and I hope to return again in the near future.