About the Program

Mission Statement

Musica nelle Marche LLC is an intimate, personalized program, dedicated to educating today’s young singing actors about Italian culture and music through language, instruction, cuisine and live performance.  Immersed in local communities throughout the region of Le Marche, students expand their global perspective and gain a new understanding of the art form of opera.

musica nelle marche…

…has four components: Italian language study, vocal and dramatic coaching, performances and organized excursions/cultural events. Students will also have some free time to travel, go to the beach or just to relax!

Students will have approximately 20 hours per week of Italian language study with classes held Monday through Friday starting at 9AM. Language study is augmented by several Italian films that are part of the language study. Classes for international students are conducted by Lingua Ideale on behalf of the University of Urbino and students who successfully complete this intensive course of study will receive college credit from the University of Urbino. Students requesting transfer credit to their home university should check with their international study office for the proper procedures and any costs that may be associated with transferring credit. Do this before leaving for Italy. Musica nelle Marche LLC is not responsible for any extra costs your university may impose for transfer credit.

In the afternoons students will work musically and dramatically on Italian opera arias, opera scenes and their song repertoire. Each singer will receive at least three musical lessons each week consisting of voice lessons, opera scenes and coaching sessions. Depending on the upcoming concert schedule, a student could have two voice lessons, and one coaching session in one week and one voice lesson, one dramatic scene direction and one or two coachings. The lessons will not necessarily be the same each week.

In addition to language and music study, participants will have the opportunities to perform in four concerts through the month, as well as attend weekend excursions to Verona & Venice and Florence.

Program Details

Tuition: $4,700


  • 20 hours of Italian language instruction a week, with possible college credit (a value up to $2,600 or more depending on tuition at your university)
  • Over the course of the one month program, students will receive at least three musical lessons per week that include voice lessons, coaching and opera scene work. Weekly lessons will vary depending on our concert schedule.


  • Four or more Featured Performances of Italian operatic arias, songs and fully staged opera scenes in theaters, castles, historical churches and important civic spaces.


  • Included in the cost of tuition, a bed in a shared double room, featuring free Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast

Excursions/Cultural Events included in the program fee:

  • Weekend trip to Verona, including tickets to an opera at the ancient Roman arena, and a guided tour of Ravenna and its Byzantine mosaics
  • Day trip to Florence
  • Italian cooking class in a 14th century Mill
  • Italian wine tour with a seaside dinner
  • Picnic at Geoff and Linda Hirt’s country villa

Auditions 2022 Season

Info coming soon.

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